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Librería Hanoi

This central Varadero location is the place to go if you're looking for an old-fashioned, sand-resistant paperback to fill the lazy hours at the beach. The particular outlet stocks a good selection of English-language literature (in addition to the customary for Cuban bookstores ideologically-approved editions in Spanish).

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  • Address: Av 1 & Calle 44, Varadero


Cigars, rum, coffee and honey are some of the items most sought-after by travellers to Cuba, and rightfully so - these locally-produced products make for perfect gifts and souvenirs, and are often a great bargain to purchase in their land of origin. Products of the non-edible variety include wood handicrafts, Cuban art, music paraphernalia and records. For serious antiques and vintage shopping, it might be worth to plan a trip to Havana, where finds range from rare jewellery to books and magazines.