Bossa Cafe (Naxos Town)


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Bossa Cafe (Naxos Town)

The elegant cafe with a rather sophisticated vibe offers front-row seating to the spectacular Naxian sunset, pairing the offer with a pleasant selection of food and drink. Excellent for breakfasts on an airy outdoor terrace by the water, overlooking the town harbour.

Useful Information

  • Address: Marina, Chora, Naxos
  • Phone: +30 6942444581
  • Opening House:
  • More Info: Southern end


Cafes are omnipresent in Naxos, many doubling as bars in the after-hours. Quite a few beach bars offer complimentary use of sunbeds and umbrellas to customers. In the way of traditional desserts, Naxos is an island known for its walnut pie made with locally-produced citrus liquor. Do try the so-called "spoon sweets" as well — nuts, fruit pieces, and even some vegetables boiled in sugary syrup and served throughout the year.