Akrogiali (Agia Anna)


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Akrogiali (Agia Anna)

One of the go-to venues for dining and beach relaxation in Agia Anna, the Akrogiali grill tavern features a changing variety of spit-roasted meat on a daily basis. As the sun goes down, its waterfront sunbeds are replaced by exceptionally inviting dining tables.

Useful Information

  • Address: Agia Anna, Naxos
  • Phone: +30 2285 042726
  • More Info: www.akrogiali-naxos.gr


Perhaps surprisingly for an island, Naxian cuisine is known more for its meat than seafood: grass-fed beef, lamb, goat meat and poultry often feature as primary dish ingredients on the island restaurants' menus. Try the Naxian specialty Easter dish called "patoudo" — stuffed lamb meat with herbs, often served with the celebrated regional potatoes. Meals often start with a round of small plates called "meze". These are made with seafood, meat, and vegetables. The island is also known for locally-produced wines and cheeses like gruyer, arseniko, xynomizithra, xynotyro and mizithra.