Yoshizuka Unagiya


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Yoshizuka Unagiya

If you're up for trying out something new, you should not miss the unagi experience of Fukuoka. Unagi is Japanese for "eel" an you can't find a better place for this speciality then Yoshizuka Unagiya. The skilled chefs prepare the dishes to your taste and the outstanding seafood quality will leave you wanting to come back for more.


Fukuoka is renowned for its culinary delights with acclaimed dishes such as the Fukuoka ramen (pork-stock soup with Chinese noodles), Hakata gyoza (stuffed dumplings), and Genkai-Sea fugu (blowfish). There is a range of restaurants in which to savour these gastronomic delights. However, a trip to Fukuoka would not be complete without visiting one of the many yatai (food stalls), which set up shop in the city centre come nightfall.