Tenjin Chikagai


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Tenjin Chikagai

Tenjin Chikagai is an upscale underground shopping complex designed to look like a European-style arcade, with cobblestone floors and wrought iron lanterns. The streets stretch as far the eye can see, and the assortment of stores and cafes is extremely varied.


If you are looking for the latest in designer fashions, high tech gadgetries or intricately handcrafted souvenirs, then Fukuoka will not disappoint you. The city’s main shopping district is called Tenjin. Along its busy intersections you will find a number of department stores stocking everything from high street to high end designer labels whilst heading towards Ohori-koen, along Keiyaki-dori, and around Daimyo there are a host of small boutiques. If you are looking for something special to slip into for the evening’s entertainment then head on down to Tenjin.