10 Islands You’ve Probably Never Heard of That Are Just as Unique as the Galapagos

Ecuador’s famous archipelago isn’t the only place where you can experience unique wildlife and gorgeous beaches.

Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands are one of the world’s great wonders: an island archipelago teeming with distinct wildlife, unusual flora, and pristine beaches that are home to lazing sea lions and iguanas in shades of red, black, and green. But there are plenty of other islands that remain under-the-radar and less famous, but are also extremely biodiverse and remote. Check out these 10 unique spots.

The 10 Oldest Man-Made Structures in the World (That Are Still Worth Visiting Today)

This is what 10,000 years of human ingenuity looks like.

Even the best historians can’t make history come alive quite like the experience of standing before a historical site in person. Knowing your footprints might be aligning with those of ancient cultures has a way of putting things in perspective that no textbook could ever convey. From the scent of the wet earth after a New Mexican summer storm in ancient pueblo to the feel of the cold limestone walls that line the interior of Egypt’s oldest pyramid, these man-made structures have stood the test of time and are still worth visiting today.

10 Adorable Real-Life Fairy-Tale Animals Living in Germany’s Forests

Come with me on a woodland adventure with a very cute cast of characters.

German forests have a long history of lore and have inspired many a story and fairytale (rumor has it that the Brothers Grimm took inspiration from the Black Forest when writing Hansel and Gretel). And while the forests contain plenty of myth and mystery, they also contain something, perhaps, even more precious: I am speaking, of course, about really cute woodland creatures. Let’s go on a journey through the woods of Germany and meet the cast of furry characters, shall we?